Hi guys.

I usually don´t write in english (I stink at it hihi). But this one is going to be in english because I know that I have many followers around different places in this world.

This blog, illubycelia, was set up many years ago and I wrote a lot about one of my daughters (I have four kids). It was about my daughter, her sickness (that is here for life) and our struggle as a family in this really hard and unusual situation. She is such a fighter and just had surgery…  But when she got older it didn´t feel right to write so much about her situation (but we still fighting everyday). So my “therapy form” I had in my blog had to change, I had to find another way to get some frustration out of me. So I started to photograph. And it´s just amazing what have happened since I started for about three years ago. Best therapy EVER! I´m feeling so blessed that so many love my photos. THANK YOU! And I recently won two cameras from Nikon in a big Swedish photo-contest! How amazing is that?! Just wow!

Anyways.. I have a website for my photos,, and you can find more of my work over there in the gallery and in the blog! And I just recently decided to continue my blogging on my website. I just want you to know this and hopefully you will keep follow me over there! I will not close this blog, and i may update it at times, but not that often.

So now you know 🙂 Hope you´re all well and hope I´ll hear from you! Thank you again.